How Does Your Website Measure Up?

Your website is a way to generate new clients without reaching out to a specific person. The more traffic your website sees, the more potential clients you’ll have. With that in mind, is your website bringing in enough people? Does it have the right criteria and...

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How Your Credit Score Can Affect Purchasing a Home

Your credit score has a larger impact on your potential loans than your income does. It can mean the difference between another year of renting a broke down apartment with no A/C and finally buying the house you've always dreamed of. As mysterious as the FICO score...

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Attracting Clients through LinkedIn

A spectacular LinkedIn profile can make or break your initial interaction with a realtor or homebuyer. After all, networking is the key to any great mortgage lender. The more realtors in your corner means more loans – and one of the best and easiest ways to network is...

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