Podcast: How to Automate Your Mortgage Marketing

Marketing with Unify - Improve your ROI When it comes to managing your database of customers and automating marketing activities, there’s a lot of noise and buzz around which CRM tool to use. Unify Mortgage Business Solutions is specifically designed for the mortgage...

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Never Let a Lead Slip through the Cracks Again

Have you ever gone back through acquired or purchased leads for your mortgage business and realized that at least 10% of them have never even been contacted? As you do the math, you realized that tens of thousands of dollars have slipped through your fingers. No...

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Compliant Marketing Vendors in a Digital Age

I remember the dread that came over my team when one of our mortgage clients informed us that they were going through an audit and very soon and needed all marketing communications that had been sent out since they started using our system. Frantically the team pulled...

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