Attracting Clients through LinkedIn

A spectacular LinkedIn profile can make or break your initial interaction with a realtor or homebuyer. After all, networking is the key to any great mortgage lender. The more realtors in your corner means more loans – and one of the best and easiest ways to network is...

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Podcast: How to Automate Your Mortgage Marketing

Marketing with Unify - Improve your ROI When it comes to managing your database of customers and automating marketing activities, there’s a lot of noise and buzz around which CRM tool to use. Unify Mortgage Business Solutions is specifically designed for the mortgage...

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Never Let a Lead Slip through the Cracks Again

Have you ever gone back through acquired or purchased leads for your mortgage business and realized that at least 10% of them have never even been contacted? As you do the math, you realized that tens of thousands of dollars have slipped through your fingers. No...

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