CRM for Mortgage Managers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables mortgage companies and their managers to tackle many of the challenges they face, including sales, customer engagement, customer retention, marketing, communications and compliance. For those involved in recruiting and retaining sales professionals it can be an essential and critical point of differentiation. Here are some ways that Unify® helps managers in their activities:

Client Management

Information about your customers should never be more than a click away. And information should be more than just a collection of phone numbers and email addresses. Having access to borrowers past loan transactions with you, the ability to quickly view your communications with them, or easily start contacts on new marketing communications is critical for a CRM.

Unify’s integration with the Loan Origination System also provides you with even more information that can lead to new sales opportunities all while helping to eliminate the errors and inefficiencies of duplicate data entry.

Productivity Tracking

In one place, gain access and insight into your past performance with the information you need to plan for the future. Track current pipeline activity, get notified of important events, or review past trends to better prepare yourself for future business planning, growth and success. Unify CRM for loan officers and their managers provides all of the necessary detailed client information at the drop of a hat.

Create Unlimited Presentations

An effective CRM marketing solution allows companies to automate much of the communications that are required during the mortgage application process. Further automation of company approved and brand consistent communications to past borrowers, potential borrowers, or important referral partners, adds even more value. This is a winning approach in the long term, especially when it helps you comply with federal and state laws and industry standards.

Sales Strategy

As an important stakeholder in sales management, the last thing you want is to lose potential opportunity by missing important information about your customers. Having access to data, whether it is from your LOS or other outside data sources, can help eliminate this possibility. Provide this information to your sales professionals in a way they can easily take action and you will see your sales and bottom line grow.

Customer Service Improvement

An effective CRM can improve a company’s customer service practices, helping employees respond to clients’ queries quickly and effectively, or even gauge customer satisfaction. Whether it is quick access to historical information, an effective way of communicating during the loan process or staying in touch with relevant information well after a loan has closed, Unify® provides a vital link between you and your customer.

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