Solutions for Marketing Professionals

The availability of CRM for mortgage marketing professionals is good news for those who must balance marketing outreach with regulations and compliance procedures. Protecting your company’s message and brand has always been important, but the consequences of rogue marketing pieces that don’t consider compliance requirements put companies at risk from both local and federal regulators.

Marketing systems and tools purchased from multiple sources aren’t necessarily compliant even though they may look good and boast a great track record for generating production. Whether or not a mortgage company has an in-house marketing person or department, they must make certain they are in control of their message, promotional materials and communications to avoid violations. A good CRM system can be very helpful.

Unify helps marketing departments to succeed by making it simple to deploy a wide variety of marketing materials, using multiple formats and media, to a broad and distributed group of sales people anxious to grow their business. Having complete control of the brand, the message, the tone and all areas of compliance is crucial for this success.

Here are some advantages to Unify:

  • Brand Management
  • Content Management
  • Licensing Control
  • Disclaimer Management
  • Specialized Marketing Resources
  • Marketing Archive for Regulatory Purposes

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