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Unify® is a comprehensive contact management system for mortgage companies that provides integrated features and functions that are essential to increasing profitability and streamlining the sales process.

In truth, a CRM is probably one of the most valuable systems that any mortgage company can implement. It is as important as any member of your business, as it has a significant effect on customer acquisition, retention and engagement. A good CRM solution, when properly managed, can help individual loan originators become more efficient, which in turn results in higher productivity and opportunity for business growth.

By The Numbers

Recent studies show that companies effectively utilizing a CRM system can increase sales by 29%. But, any system is only as valuable as the information that goes into it. How do you get everyone in the company to use it and provide the information it needs? Here are some ideas:

  • Make it simple. The biggest mistake most companies make is they try to implement a CRM system that is too complicated for employees to use.
  • Make sure it integrates with other company systems. Is it complementary to what is already being used? Can data be easily imported and exported from the CRM?
  • Train them over and over again. Make it easy to use so they can get their jobs done. Identify people that are “super users” and can be advocates for the CRM system.
  • Make it automated. The less time people need to spend managing the system, the more effective they can be in other areas of the job.
  • Single Source: Make sure people come to rely on the system as the one place to go for valuable information about their contacts, their pipeline, and the business building tools they need to grow.

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