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How to Automate Your Mortgage Marketing with Unify CRM

Are you nurturing your business relationships?

When it comes to managing your database of customers and automating marketing activities, there’s a lot of noise and buzz around which CRM tool to use.

Scott Benson is the national sales manager for Unify CRM, with over 22 years of experience in the lending and technology marketing industry.

Scott has not only worked for multiple CRM companies, but he’s also studied the industry from a broad perspective and analyzed all the options out there. He decided to work for Unify because of what they offer and bring to the market for Mortgage Loan Originators.

Listen to this interview and you too may discover that Unify really is the hidden CRM gem of the mortgage industry.

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Articles 2016

Compliant Marketing Vendors in a Digital Age

I remember the dread that came over my team when one of our mortgage clients informed us that they were going through an audit and very soon and needed all marketing communications that had been sent out since they started using our system.

Frantically the team pulled all materials together within the time frame requested, but overall we should have had a process and technology in place to fulfill the client’s request. At the time I was working for a customer relationship management company. The process was extremely manual and seemed to be using endless internal resources from our accounts, sales and marketing teams.

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Ashley Yarbrough, Marketing Director at Unify has experience with building CRMs and automated marketing platforms for multiple organizations and industries. She has over 10 years experience in marketing and communications.