Big Brother is Watching

In this environment of regulation, oversight and enforcement, controlling what you say – and how you say it – has never been more important. Having complete control of your message and the formats in which they are presented is critical.

Compliance is among the largest issues in the lending industry today.  Unify mortgage marketing compliance management software solution assists companies in monitoring and managing marketing compliance to today’s strict standards in a single access, LOS-integrated platform.  Here is a partial list of solutions we support:

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Marketing Archive 

All marketing materials, regardless of whether it is direct mail, email, downloadable flyers, or sales presentations, are permanently archived with complete details about what was created, who created them, and when were they used. For direct mail and email, we also include where they were delivered to. No longer do you need to fear that visit by the auditor looking for information you don’t have or that is scattered amongst multiple providers.


Pre-Approval Letters

Ensure that your loan originators only use the approved format for these important communications. Unify® makes this possible . And once sent, a copy can be permanently stored in your LOS, automatically.


Correct Name Usage

Federal regulations require that only the licensed name of the individual loan originator may be used on consumer communications. No nick names or AKA’s. With Unify® , this is easily managed, ensuring that only the appropriate information appears on your marketing materials.

CAN SPAM Compliance

All companies need a process for managing Opt Outs and other rules surrounding email. All of this is built into Unify® . Companies that allow, or use, multiple platforms for the sending of marketing emails, without a process to manage this, run a substantial risk of violating these regulations.

License & Disclaimer Management

It is critical that the appropriate licensing and disclaimer information appear on all marketing materials. This can be especially difficult for companies with locations in multiple states. But it doesn’t need to be. By utilizing Unify® to manage your consumer communications you can be certain that the correct information appears on every piece…every time.

Reputation Management

Your company email systems are a vital link between your team members and your customers. Using this important tool for sending large amounts of marketing emails is risky, and can jeopardize its reputation. The risk of showing up on a blacklist is great. We have developed a method to manage this for you, never putting your systems at risk from blacklisting or inbound SPAM attacks.

Annual Privacy Notices

This annual requirement can be managed by direct mail, email, or both…quickly and easily through Unify® . And like other marketing initiatives is archived and fully auditable.

GFE APP Update

Mortgage Insights, our comparative loan presentation tool, is designed to keep unwanted loan scenarios out of your Loan Origination System, while still allowing your Loan Originators to provide detailed information for their prospects without the risk of accidentally triggering a GFE App Date.

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