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Congratulations! You have just helped a client finance one of the most important purchases of their life. Your client is happy. You are happy. Now what? Where will your next deal come from? Did you know that 60% of a customer’s referrals come in the first six months after closing a loan? This is not the time to STOP impressing your client with the care, courtesy and professionalism you have given them over the last several months! Unify’s post close mortgage marketing software provides you with the ability to automatically communicate with these clients without the need for separate processes or additional steps. Each campaign is created specifically for your customers and the mortgage they just received. Your contact information is included on each one and they may be co-branded with your important industry partners adding value to these relationships.


Starts Automatically
Direct Mail
Greeting Cards
Co – Branding

Why is Post-Close Marketing So Important?

If neither you, nor the company you work for, markets to your past clients, then the only one marketing to YOUR new customer is the servicing company. If you are servicing your own loans, this may not be an issue. But here are some facts from a study by J. D. Powers and Associates. In an interview with 500 people who had closed loans within the last year:


said that they would definitely close their next loan with the servicing company.


said they would probably close their next loan with the servicing company.


said they definitely would not use the servicing company.

The Odds Are Not In Your Favor.

A Mortgage Bankers Association shows that while 90% of all customers are happy with their mortgage company, 67% of them will use a new lender for their next transaction. The average borrower will take out seven mortgages in their lifetime. If these statistics are correct, most of them will be with someone else.

Just think 16% of the people in your database will enter the mortgage market each year. A database containing just 200 people could result in 32 transactions each year. So why leave it up to chance? With as a retention marketing software, Unify can help you keep more of those clients and protect your bottom line.

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