Grow Loan Volume with the Right Mortgage Software

Finally, a solution built exclusively for top mortgage professionals to keep you ahead of your competition. Discover how Unify’s Business Growth Platform ensures you can continually scale your business.

We Focus on Every Client’s Success

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Unify Simplifies Processes, Automates Tasks, Accelerates Teamwork, and Drives Growth

Increase your mortgage loan originations by creating great relationships with prospects, clients and partners. Foster effective team collaboration. Improve customer experiences. Know when your clients are ready for a loan. Get time back in your day. Unify is the complete software you’ve been looking for.


Manage, market and maintain your contacts and prospects into lifetime clients and partners.



  • Contact Management
  • Automated Marketing
  • Client Support/Training
  • Mobile App


Create relationships with prospects, clients and partners using Unify's multi-channel marketing automation.


  • Video Marketing
  • Text Messaging
  • Automated Workflows
  • Direct Mail, Flyers & Emails

Automated Workflows

Workflows allows you to create automated processes that execute 24/7.


  • Event, Status, and LOS Triggers
  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Calls

Hot Prospect Alerts

Be notified when your clients are in the market for a new loan and stop losing past clients to competitors.


Alert Types:

  • Pre-Qualified Prospects
  • Inquiry Alert
  • Likely Homebuyer
  • First Time Homebuyer
  • Early Payoff (EPO)
  • Home Equity

Rainmaker Sales System

Unify’s Rainmaker selling process and tools give you everything you need to accelerate leads.


  • LOS Integration
  • Referral Follow-Up
  • Automated Reporting
  • Lead Tracker

LOS & POS Integrations

Unify integrates with all major Loan Origination systems and SimpleNexus.



  • Encompass
  • SimpleNexus
  • Calyx
  • Many more!

Client Retention & Acquisition

Set Up automated campaigns that help create clients for life!



  • Post Close Program
  • Automated Communications
  • Pre-Qualified Prospects
  • Mortgage Inquiry Alerts
  • Emails, Texts, Calls
  • Direct Mail

Security & Compliance

Unify's entire software is SOC II Type II certified, Experian EIPA3 Certified, and has built-in compliance features.



You will have Management Oversight and Sign-off, CAN-SPAM adherence, Disclaimer Management, Complete Audit Record of all marketing activities, State Licensed Marketing and Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance.

Next level Program

We created programs for each user type with ongoing trainings to stay up to date and take your mortgage business to the Next Level.



  • LIVE Training Sessions
  • Full Feature Training Videos
  • Next Level Webinar
  • Best Practice Videos
  • Video Archive
  • Open Close

Your Unify Business Growth Platform is Always Available

Unify Mobile App: Developed for both Android and iOS platforms, loan originators can leverage the full power of their Unify mortgage CRM, anywhere at any time. The most robust mortgage software in the industry fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Unify mortgage software mobile

The Mortgage Business Growth Platform
Designed to Drive Success for Everyone


Increase Loan Volume, Increase NOI, Build Great LO Teams, Retain Clients

Your business requires the ability to adapt to ever-evolving mortgage market conditions to drive profitable growth. Your team gets powerful, mortgage-specific tools with Unify’s all-in-one software.


Your business is busier than ever and you are challenged to simultaneously address many areas.

Put Unify’s marketing capabilities to work by automating many of your prospect, customer and partner communications. Plus, create collaborative team workflows and retain clients for life.


A key challenge for mortgage marketers in today’s rapidly changing market is using the right relationship technologies to generate personal and relevant communications.

Unify is built exclusively for mortgage marketing with the features, content, and automations you need to help your company grow and improve your customer engagement.


With over 8,000 different MarTech systems to choose from, it is critical you have best-in-class mortgage software that integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure.

Unify meets your compliance standards, is secure (SOC 2 Type 2), and has certified interfaces to your LOS/POS systems and Experian.

Thousands of Unify Users Love Their Results

Slide “I’m liking this very much. Very very very much. Currently to do what you just did, I’m using 3 separate programs and tying it all together and….it’s not fun.” Kendra Endquist
Strategic Mortgage Solutions
Slide “Thank you for sending me to the Next Level my friends. These were both super helpful! Thank you and I will look forward to Episode 3. Love the format and short nugget style. I’ve been using the refi tool a lot more after this webinar. It was great to be able to go back when doing hands on to re-watch also.” Anne Trueblood
The Mortgage Firm
Slide “You guys rock! I am completely floored by all of the great things Unify can do. I previously worked for the 2nd non-bank lender in the country, 5th largest overall and while their technology is astounding, the CRM has nothing on Unify” Tina Fenner
Slide “As a first-time user of Unify, I was overwhelmed with the amount of tools and resources that are available on the system. Earl’s training session was informative, educational, timely, and FUN! He was great in translating the different tools and resources in a way that will best benefit the Loan Officers that are using the platform. I am already looking forward to jumping on another training session with Earl and will look forward to continue diving into Unify as a whole!” Kristina Crowley
Director of Digital Marketing
Luxury Mortgage Corp.

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