Automate Your Day with Workflows

With powerful workflow automation tools, the Unify Business Growth Platform streamlines repetitive and time-consuming work so you can focus on more important tasks like growing your loan volume.

Get Time Back in Your Day!

There is always so much to do. Emails, phone calls, forms to fill out, customers to contact, team communications, leads to nurture and realtor partners to email.

By using Unify mortgage CRM software, you can easily automate many of these functions – especially the day-to-day manual repetitive tasks.

Unify mortgage automated workflows

Get Your Processes Running on All Cylinders

The Workflow Builder is easy to use and quick to set up. With a variety of triggers to choose from, plus drag and drop functionality, actions such as sending emails, text messaging or scheduling a call can be automated. You’ll never miss a hand-off as the right people know what is happening at the right time.

Your Team Productivity Will Skyrocket

Unify Workflows streamline your team’s communications and processes. Everyone will know the status of your loan and understand accountabilities. The right workflow automation software will not only increase your team performance but also improve customer experience.

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