Reaching Out To Repeat Homebuyers

Repeat buyers account for over half of all home purchases. They’re usually upsizing after having kids, downsizing after the kids have left the nest, or moving to a more preferred area. Either way, they’ve been through the homebuying and moving process before and don’t...

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Data Security and SOC 2 Certification

Security is more important than ever in a digital age. With all the news headlines of data breaches and privacy controversies, there’s no wonder that people are concerned about the safety of their personal data.   Your CRM vendor handles not only your data, but...

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The Importance of Video

People are watching videos more than ever before. Whether it’s for communication, entertainment, education, or marketing, video is used for all sorts of purposes. It will only become more prevalent as time passes. Video, and especially mobile video, is essential for...

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