There are many employees with different skills who contribute to your loan process. To create high performing teams that drive increases in loan volume and NOI, you can utilize these 5 initiatives.

A. Identify Your Internal Team and External Team

Mapping your processes to find efficiency and effectiveness areas of improvement means also identifying and examining your employee teams and external partners for communication and work paths. Understanding who does what, how, where and when provides opportunities for improvement.

B. Interfaces for Relationship Building

Based on the baseline from A. you can now look to improve the efficacy of all the communication paths. Use automation to create triggered notifications directly from your software tools to expedite communication and provide clarity.

C. Establish Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations

Identify the Right Person to do the Right Job the Right Way at the Right Time. Ambiguity in roles, responsibilities/accountabilities and expectations means things fall through the cracks. Automate processes where you can with progress notifications to make sure team members are all on the same page.

D. Use a Virtual Marketing Assistant

This is an example of automation where pre-built marketing content can be sent to prospects, customers and partners can be sent in a specific cadence. This frees up Loan Originators for other tasks that are important manual tasks.

E. How Will We Communicate Effectively

In A, B and C above, you are working to create an efficient and effective team. Involving team members in the best way to communicate effectively will tie everything together and streamline your processes for your employees, partners, and customers.

Using the 5 Mortgage Business Growth Levers you can continue your growth momentum from 2020 to 2021 and beyond. Now is the time to put these levers into practice, and enhance your software systems, technology, and tools to automate and accelerate your successful business outcomes. The Unify team can help you identify which of the growth levers would have the greatest effect on your business and how to implement the right software tools using a business growth platform.

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