Build and Retain Lifelong Clients

Closing a client’s loan is only the first phase of a long-term relationship. The average borrower will own three different homes in their lifetime. With mortgage software like Unify, you can write all of their loans.

82% of homeowners use a different Loan Originator for their next loan

Why Does This Happen?

  1. Your client does not remember your name or have your contact information.
  2. Your client’s loan is serviced by someone else, and they think that company is who they need to go to for their next loan.
  3. Your client is “stolen away” by the aggressive digital marketing of many fintech mortgage companies that make it easy “to click for a mortgage.”
  4. Your client uses a real estate agent for their new home who suggests a different Loan Officer for the mortgage.
  5. Your client’s friends refer them to another Company who can give them “a better deal.”

You need to stop this and retain your clients! But how?

Unify helps you stay engaged with your clients by offering a proven trifecta of email, phone and direct mail capabilities. With these marketing tools at your fingertips, you can keep clients in your camp.



Direct Mail

Call and Text

Unify’s outbound calling features use embedded Twilio capabilities to help you build better personalized client retention campaigns.

Click to Call: Save time by simply pulling up a list of clients and click. All of your inbound and outbound calls will be tracked in the Unify CRM.

Call Automation: Let the power of our software work for you! Set up outbound calls as part of your drip marketing campaigns and put your client retention on autopilot.

Scheduled Calls: Using Rainmaker, you can create a specific time to follow up with a client list and you’ll be reminded when to make the call.

Engage with Text: Adding text to your outreach increases your chance of success. Send personalized lower interest rate updates or special offers that keep you top of mind and forms stronger client connections.

Unify mortgage automated workflows

Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

Email is still a great way to maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients—when done correctly! Stop spending time manually creating and sending emails.

Intelligent Automation: Use the available Marketing Concierge email system in Unify to create smarter, more tailored email communications to your contacts and clients.

Multi-Channel Approach: Engage at the right time with the right message by mixing in scheduled outreach phone reminders to enhance your drip campaigns.

Whether a campaign runs for a few weeks or even throughout the year, you’ll be able to use every touchpoint within the customer journey.

Direct Mail Done Right

Direct mail marketing has the distinct advantage of being tangible. With Unify, you’ll have access to our team of professional designers and internal print shop who produce thousands of templates and personalized layouts.

Done-For-You Personalization: Have an idea how you want your brand to stand out from the rest? We’ll handle ever aspect from initial design, personalization and mailing to ensure it does.

Post-Close Postcards: Who doesn’t like hearing “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You”? With a variety of pre-created postcard templates for dates such as birthdays, holidays and annual mortgage reviews, you can send timely direct mail assets that make you memorable to clients.

You Have Options: That’s right, hundreds of postcards, open house/rate sheets or flyers are readily available. Set up a single campaign or use automation to stay in front of your contacts for years to come!

You have the option of 2-year, 3-year or 5-year programs that begin after you close a loan with your client.

The Unify Direct Mail service is a cost-effective program that helps to bring your clients back to you for their next loan.

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