Adoption is Essential!


Whatever software your company is using – whether it’s a database, a word processor, an image editing program, or a CRM – it’s essential to adopt it. What that means is you and your employees are using it often, and are using it effectively.

All too often, a company will purchase a new tool without adopting it. Their users may be excited about the new features for a few days or a week, but eventually the tool will fall by the wayside. Users will go back to their old habits instead of taking advantage of robust new software.


This problem is common in today’s technology-saturated world. It’s 2019 and people are well used to having all sorts of apps and programs. They aren’t exactly jumping at the bit to use new software just because it’s new software. They also need a reason to use it. Ask yourself: How is this going to make my job easier? How will this improve my bottom line?

While a good tool will do wonders for your bottom line and automate some of the process, you still need to use it. For example, a CRM software might let you automatically send out basic emails to new contacts, but what will really boost their effectiveness will be adding a personal message about you or your business.

Make sure your CRM vendor does offers some sort of training or customer service. If they don’t, it will be hard or impossible to adopt their software, making it useless no matter how many features it has.


Not all CRM’s are made the same. Some are easy to learn and pick up, with others have a steep learning curve. Are you and your employees quick to learn? Or do they need more help when it comes to new technology? Whatever you chose, try to pick something that offers help if you’re stuck.

You should keep this in mind when choosing new technology, but you should also consider the tech you already have. What’s being used, and what isn’t? How much does it cost, and would you be better off without it? You might have been impressed by all the bells and whistles of your old CRM, but you have to ask yourself if it’s still useful.