Contact Management Capabilities

With Unify®, important information about your customers is only a click away, and it delves much deeper than traditional contact information. As mortgage contact management software, Unify lets you access borrowers past loan transactions with you, view your marketing history, or start contacts on new marketing communications in minutes – or less! You can also manage contact groups and leverage the easy to use tools to keep your database clean and current.


Task and Appointment Scheduler

Easily set up appointments or tasks for specific contacts, set your reminders, and sync them to your Outlook Calendar.

Contact Directory

With our mortgage contact directory software, you can maintain a complete set of all of your contacts and their important information in one location. Import and export features help make it easy to manage.


Contact Group Management

Create custom contact groups then include your contacts in as many as you choose. Helps make your target marketing more efficient.


List Upload

Easy to use tools to add your contacts from any Excel file.

Marketing History

Know the “what,” “when,” and “how” of each and every one of your important customers.

LOS Integration

Automatically syncs new borrowers and co-borrowers to your contacts in Unify® eliminating the inefficiencies of double entry.

De Duplication Tool

Our data de-duplication software allows you to locate suspected duplicates, analyze the information and easily merge them into one contact.


Loan History

This important information is conveniently located in each contact’s details making it easy to access and use.

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