User Guides

Marketing Collateral Favorites

Now you can save your favorite marketing pieces in a Favorites folder. When you find a marketing piece you would like to use often, simply check mark it as a Favorite and access it directly from the Campaigns Library. .

Outlook Sync

Outlook emails can now be synced automatically from your Outlook 365 account directly into Unify. View your important communications easily from one place. This feature includes search functionality.

Scheduled Calls

The ability to schedule calls, tasks and appointments will help you organize your daily, weekly and monthly activities.


This module is intended to assist Loan Originators in the administration, execution, and documentation of their Lead and Prospect activities. It provides a central place to manage information about individuals that are being nurtured through the pre-application process. Dynamically generated lists will help you manage your daily call activities and automated data entry tools will make recording your activities simple.

My Account

This area is where all of your personal information is stored. Your account will initially be set up foryou by an administrator and certain fields can only be edited by that system administrator.

Mortgage Insights

Mortgage Insights is a comprehensive sales presentation tool that allows you to create professional salespresentations with the information your clients want, and need to know. And it’s ready in just minutes.

Mortgage Inquiry Alerts

This service alerts you when someone in your database applies for a mortgage with a competitor and appears to meet the minimum qualifications for a mortgage with you. This is a great opportunity to retain business that you might not otherwise know about.

LO Dashboard

The Dashboard is designed to be the place you go each day to view information and opportunities about your business. It is a “snap shot” of information you can use to stay connected with your clients, but also provides interactive tools for managing opportunities from a single location.


The “Loans” section of unify is tied directly to your loan origination system. All the information you access here is identical to what is in your LOS. You can view, manage and track all of your transactions here.

Facebook Lead Ad Integration

You can integrate and distribute your Facebook Leads through Unify using a third party integration called Zapier. There are steps you will need to take before setting up your “Zap” in your Zapier account.

Contact Groups & Categories

Placing your contacts into groups and categories will improve your user experience when searching through your database to find contacts and include them in specific actions, like marketing or lead follow up.

Marketing Concierge

Marketing Concierge is a marketing feature that allows you to easily stay in touch with your contacts on special occasions. Simply select the Concierge Services you would like to use, assign Groups to the
campaign, and choose what you would like them to receive. It’s fast, easy, and automated.