Your website is a way to generate new clients without reaching out to a specific person. The more traffic your website sees, the more potential clients you’ll have. With that in mind, is your website bringing in enough people? Does it have the right criteria and information to be knowledgeable as well as interesting? As a mortgage lender, you are either a part of the most exciting moments in someone’s life, or providing information that is not relevant to some.

A dominate in business is to have a continually growing client base that can be easily achieved by having an effective website. The first place you should look when trying to determine if your website is attracting enough new clientele is the overall traffic. The ranges of traffic will vary from month to month but it’s desirable and necessary to see an incline over longer periods of time. If you’re not, it’s time to revamp and redo your website. You can increase traffic by editing your SEO’s, generating additional pages, and adding in a weekly or monthly blog.

Another great tool for tracking your website is the generation of organic traffic. It’s extremely important to the health of your website because it shows you how well you’re doing with unpaid search results. The traffic you’re generating organically is basically free, as it’s people who have searched “mortgage lending” or various tags that show on your website. This will also allow you to track how valuable your SEO efforts. The higher you place on Google when a generalized search is made, the better your organic traffic is.

Identifying your bounce rate will help you get more accurate readings of the visitors you’re getting on your website as well. The bounce rate shows you how many visitors left your website after visiting just one page. The lower your bounce rate the more engaging your website is to visitors. Similar to your bounce rate, the average time spent on the website is important. If a potential client is spending very little time on your website, it’s not engaging enough. However, if a client is spending an unnecessarily long time it could mean that your website is difficult to navigate or hard to understand.

Your keyword rankings show you how your website will rank when searched on google, bing or various other search engines. For many people, this is the most exciting moments of their lives. They are taking steps to creating a future, and a home. You are helping with that. The content on your webpage should be exciting, relevant and in layman’s terms. By looking internally and finding the places you can improve your website, you will grow your client base and and grow your business.