Most of your clients will forget your name eventually, even if you successfully closed their loan. That’s why it’s essential to stay in touch with your contacts. Phone calls, postcards, flyers, and even simple emails will remind them of you, so the next time someone asks them if they know any loan officers, they’ll remember your name. Sending emails out to all of your contacts every month may seem like a chore, but with CRM’s you can automate that process. Here are some tips on how to stay in touch with your contacts:

  1. Update them with housing news. As you already know, the housing market is constantly changing and your average client might seem a bit overwhelmed. Break down the important facts for them to understand.
  2.  Not all of your contacts are clients. Your network of realtors and home improvement professionals can provide you with referrals, and you can provide them with business. It’s a win-win relationship. Stay in touch with them, too.
  3.  Keep it simple, and don’t bombard them with marketing pieces. Just one email per month can be enough to remind them that you exist. If you pester them too much, they might opt of your emails.
  4. Let them know you care. If they can’t afford the house they wanted, console them. If they’re working hard to make ends meet, sympathize with them.
  5. Expand your social media presence. Twitter is a great way to connect with the newer waves of homebuyers.
  6. Be personal. If you met this contact in person, you have a great opportunity to retain their business. Simply ask them how they’re doing, or remind them of your meeting.
  7. Send out holiday emails. Your contact probably won’t ask for your services the minute they get that 4th of July email, but it’ll keep you in the back of their mind.

In the end, it can be daunting to keep up with all of your contacts. The cold hard truth is; your contacts aren’t thinking about you all the time, so you’ll have to remind them you exist.