Improving Customer Experience (CX) gets talked about a lot but providing a great customer experience is truly essential to your top line and bottom line growth. Here are six focus areas you should pursue:

Educate as a Trusted Advisor

You know the process and where the speed bumps occur. Communicate by educating your prospects and loan applicants transparently throughout the process. Unpleasantness can happen, but insure it is not a surprise by letting applicants know what could happen and how to be prepared.

Ensure Customers Understand your Value

We discussed in the growing loan volume blog and it applies here as well. Tell customers what you are doing on their behalf to make the process easy and worry-free. They will have confidence in your team to get the job done.

Be Easy to Do Business With and Be Accessible

Nothing frustrates a customer more than not having their questions answered or being left in the dark. There are many tools available now that you can use to make it easy to apply for a loan, understand the process, and have their questions answered quickly.

Provide Status Throughout the Loan Process

This applies to both applicants and Realtors/Builders. Letting all interested parties know the status of the loan as it moves to closing keeps everyone informed and happy.

A Great Closing

Again “No Surprises” is key. Have all the issues resolved prior to the closing table. Present a clean set of documents that are either paper or electronic with secure signings.

Keep In Touch Post-closing to Nurture Referrals

Once the loan is closed, a happy customer is one who refers to others. You need to remind them to refer and ask for referrals directly. These are excellent leads. Also when your client comes back into the market for a new loan, you want to be the person they call first. You do this with constant communication using Client Retention Marketing programs and content.

Using the 5 Mortgage Business Growth Levers you can continue your growth momentum from 2020 to 2021 and beyond. Now is the time to put these levers into practice, and enhance your software systems, technology, and tools to automate and accelerate your successful business outcomes. The Unify team can help you identify which of the growth levers would have the greatest effect on your business and how to implement the right software tools using a business growth platform.

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