The final growth lever you can deploy is to ensure all your processes consistently produce high quality outputs that are compliant to all corporate rules and legal regulations.

A. Use Processes That Produce Great Results

When planning your processes always identify the expected outputs. Combining the outputs from each process must provide the outcomes that realizes your growth goals. If not, find the weak links and rework those processes to drive success.

B. Scale Using Consistent Repeatable Processes

To scale top line and bottom line growth, you must have “well-oiled” machines that produce the results that drive successful outcomes in your Key Result Areas. Your software tools and systems are essential in optimizing your processes. Then you can easily add more capacity by replicating your processes using your software and systems.

C. Ensure Everything Meets Compliance Rules

Always review all your processes and procedures for compliance to rules and regulations. Your software systems and tools should support rigorous compliance approvals, testing and enforcement.

Using the 5 Mortgage Business Growth Levers you can continue your growth momentum from 2020 to 2021 and beyond. Now is the time to put these levers into practice, and enhance your software systems, technology, and tools to automate and accelerate your successful business outcomes. The Unify team can help you identify which of the growth levers would have the greatest effect on your business and how to implement the right software tools using a business growth platform.

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