You have potential leads that are coming into your business and yet not only are they not being converted into customers, but they get lost in the pipeline. How many thousands of dollars in commissions are you missing because these people are not accurately tracked and contacted?

What sort of metrics should you be tracking in your telephone prospecting?

  • Dials: How many numbers dialed?
  • Conversations: How many people are you talking to after you dial?
  • Appointments: How many people are taken it to the next step?

Many loan officers will track their number of appointments and dials. Not many follow the number of conversations they’re having with qualified prospects. When you don’t track the conversations you are having, you are missing a key metric to figure out your conversion rate. Once you have that number, it makes increasing your results easier.

Are you taking advantage of everything your CRM has to offer?

Most people who use CRM’s do so because they want to automate the sales process and make sure that leads are properly handled. The problem is most people only use the essential functions or has a mortgage CRM that you need to integrate with other systems to get everything you need. When you start combining programs, you can run into incompatibility issues that affect your results.

The best way to avoid those problems is first to make sure that you have a mortgage CRM that fits all your needs and second that you are using all it to not only increase the clients you have but how much you can sell to them

So what functions should your Mortgage CRM have?

  • Pull data from lead providers and web pages and integrates automatically to give you the information you need to nurture effectively
  • Ability to sync with your Outlook
  • Dialer within the CRM that tracks when the call is made and the result
  • Schedule your next call and reminds you ahead of time
  • Allow you to create detailed notes to best service your customers
  • Measure results
  • Set up follow up tasks
  • Initiate communications with a few clicks
  • Continues after the lead becomes a customer to anticipate needs and sell more products throughout the mortgage life cycle
  • Assign tasks to other workers easily and quickly

When you don’t have all these functions or don’t know how to use them you miss out on business, your costs are more to convert leads, and you waste time trying to keep track of all the details, and it becomes even harder when you have other teams members involved in the process.

Thankfully, there are complete all-in-one solutions out there; that are easy to implement and designed to make your mortgage company the most efficient and create raving customers who refer you to others. Unify CRM is one of those systems.

We improve the overall quality, efficiency, and experience of the customer engagement process. Our system provides the visibility, ease of use, consistency and controls that help improve customer acquisition, engagement and retention. The integration with the Loan Origination System provides vital information to the Loan Officer throughout the application process and the synchronization of data allows them to easily continue their communication with the customer throughout the mortgage life cycle. A variety of additional tools and services are provided within the platform to help originators grow their business, reduce their costs and become more efficient. Schedule a personal demo today and see just how we can help take your business to the next level!