As a mortgage lender, your goal is to determine the best loan program for your client and to close the deal. You also know that while you must be there for your existing clients and give them what they need, you also need a steady flow of new and repeat customers to keep moving forward. So how do you attract more business?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Use Social Media- Social media can be a great tool to use to reach new potential customers while engaging the existing ones. You can showcase your knowledge and remind them that you are always there to help.
  2. Get Referrals- If your current customers like the way you do business, ask them to send their friends and family to you.
  3. Find Strategic Partners- Try reaching out to real estate agents and start building relationships. The more people you work with, the better your chances are of getting referrals. Likewise, you can also send people to your strategic partners, building a better foundation for trust.
  4. Find a Great CRM- Finding the right CRM software to help you track leads, stay connected and get results is key to growing your business. Of course we think our CRM is the best around. We offer a full suite mortgage CRM solution that offers much more than just marketing. We also offer the opportunity to schedule a demo so you can make sure it fits your needs.
  5. Be a Resource, Not a Salesman- It’s important to spread your knowledge and become an expert to your clients and potential clients. Communicate effectively with each client who came to you because they know very little on the topic. They need an expert to guide them through the process and keep their fears at bay.