New Releases

January 2020

Mortgage Inquiry Alerts Regional Manager View

A new feature has been added that allows Regional Managers to view all Mortgage Inquiry Alerts that have occurred in their region. They have the ability to select date ranges and can filter by individual Branches or Users. This will give them more visibility into this valuable program and allow them to better work with loan originators to maximize results.

Email Social Sharing

You may now share emails from the Campaign Library using the “Share” button below the email preview. Clicking the button will take you to the Social Media screens where you can view and edit the content before posting.

December 2019

Text Messaging

Text Messaging is now available within Unify. This feature allows Users to send one-t-one or one-to-many text messages directly from Unify to any contact that has opted in to receive text messaging. An “Opt In” email is available in the Campaign Library. You can search for it by using the keyword “Text Message.”

Text messaging is an optional feature that is available on a company wide basis. If text messaging is not available to you, please discuss with your company managers. To view a video of this feature, please click here.

Marketing Audit Key Word Search

You can now search the various Marketing Audit screens for key words. The key word must be part of the content name or subject line.

User Preferences Screens

A User Preferences screen has been added in the “My Account” section. All User Preferences are now located on this screen. And include Outlook 365 sync, system contact preferences, rate differentials, and text messaging set-up.

Additional Contact Email Addresses

This feature has been updated. Unify now checks all email addresses in a Contact’s Detail Screen before adding realtor to the Contact Database. This will reduce the number of duplicate contacts that result from Realtors using multiple email addresses.

November 2019

Search by Zip Code and Phone Number

The ability to search by zip code or by phone number has been added to the Contact Management screen.

Mortgage Inquiry Alerts – Send to Lead Tracker

Now you have the ability to easily create a new Lead Tracker lead by checking a Contact and clicking the “ADD TO LEAD TRACKER” button.

Additional Email Addresses

Places for two additional email addresses have been added for the primary contact in the Contact Details screen. This will help eliminate the creation of duplicate Realtor Partners who have multiple email addresses.

Marketing will only be sent to the primary email address.

October 2019

Lead Tracker & Timeline

You now have the ability to create multiple Lead Tracker leads for the same contact. This is especially useful when working with investors who may have multiple loans or applications in process at the same time.

You can also access all Lead Tracker leads for an individual contact within the Timeline feature in the Contact Details screen. A link is available inside the bubble that quickly takes you to the Lead Tracker Details screen.

Mortgage Inquiry Alerts Opt Out

Loan Originators who are taking advantage of the Mortgage Inquiry Alerts service now have the ability to opt individual contacts out of the program. Simply navigate to their contact details and check the box next to “Inquiry Alerts” in the Marketing Opt out area at the bottom of the screen.

September 2019

Rate Sheets

Rate Sheets have been added as a feature in the Open House area of the campaign library. Simply select your programs, add your estimated closing costs, an input your interest rates. All APP’s are calculated for you. Rate Sheets can be downloaded as a PDF or emailed through the Start Marketing Campaigns feature.

Merge Contacts with Different SSN

Contacts where the Social Security Numbers do not match, or where one contact has one and the other does not, may now be merged after acknowledging the warning. Please visit the De-Duplicate screen in Contacts to use.

Saving Marketing Collateral as Favorites

Now you can save your favorite marketing pieces in a Favorites folder. When you find a marketing piece you would like to use often, simply check mark it as a Favorite and access it directly from the Campaigns Library. View or Download User Guide

Outlook Email Sync

Outlook emails can now be synced automatically from your Outlook 365 account directly into Unify. View your important communications easily from one place. This feature includes search functionality. View or Download User Guide

Time Line

The “Tracker” screen in “Contact Details” is now called “Timeline.” Along with this change we have added new content, including Outlook 365 emails, “Dashboard Alerts,” and “Logged Responses.” You can filter by event type using the icons at the top and use the handy search feature to find specific messages. View or Download User Guide

August 2019

Same Day Email Send

You can now send up to up to 20,000 emails the same day by selecting today’s date in the calendar during the campaign creation process. These emails are processed in batches and sent out at three times: late morning, mid-afternoon and early evening.

Emailable Flyers

Flyers can now be sent out by emails. Simply select your contacts and then “Start Marketing Campaigns.” You can select the “Flyer” you want to send, name your campaign, and create your own subject line. The email even includes a link to download the PDF.

Emailable Open House Flyers

Open House Flyers can now be sent out by emails. Simply select your contacts and then “Start Marketing Campaigns.” You can select the “Flyer” you want to send, name your campaign, and create your own subject line. The email even includes a link to download the PDF.

May 2019

Unify now offers single-property websites.

Single Property Websites Generate Leads While Providing Value To Your Real Estate Agents

  1. Provide an exclusive environment for your realtors
  2. Easy to share and promote – Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn
  3. Lead Capture
  4. Automatically Created

They’re easy to build, and you can make lead capture forms which fully integrate with the CRM. With these, you’ll get business when the house sells, and you’ll build relationships with your referral partners. On top of that, you’ll generate leads from the potential buyers. You can share your single property websites on Social Media as well.

If you help an agent sell a house, they’ll likely become your referral partner for life. Being a loan officer requires long-term relationships with your business partners, and single property websites can help you build those.

Expanded photo options for Open House Flyers

You can now import and arrange up to 6 photos.

April 2019

The First True Mobile CRM for the Mortgage Industry.

Unify is pleased to announce the first complete Mobile CRM designed specifically for the mortgage industry. Developed for both Android and IOS platforms, loan originators can now leverage the full power of Unify CRM, wherever they may be.

Now, the most robust CRM in the industry fits easily in the palm of your hand. With the Unify mobile app, you can add and view contacts, manage leads, set and receive reminders, view loan details, start marketing campaigns, create flyers, record and send videos, and much, much more. Everything you need to manage customer relationships can now fit in your pocket. Don’t be held back by outdated software.

IPC Communications Additional Audiences

Now you can include up to 4 additional individuals to receive copies of IPC communications.
This is accomplished by adding the additional email addresses in your Marketing Partner’s Profile page.

This is a great way to include more of your partner’s team members in the mortgage experience and to help foster a lasting relationship.

Please also use this opportunity to ask for and enter the MLS Board that your Partner belongs to as well as their MLS Membership Number. This will allow you to create and distribute the Single Property Websites that are now available in the Open House Flyer feature.

December 2018

Mortgage Inquiry Alerts Feature Enhancement

We are pleased to announce a new feature associated with our Mortgage Inquiry Alerts Program. Now, along with the “Alerts,” we provide you with additional valuable information about your “Contact” giving you with more insights about them before you call.

To view this information, just click on the “Alert Type” in your Mortgage Inquiry Alerts Dashboard.