New Release – Single Property Websites – 5-16-19

Unify now offers single-property websites.

Single Property Websites Generate Leads While Providing Value To Your Real Estate Agents

  1. Provide an exclusive environment for your realtors
  2. Easy to share and promote – Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn
  3. Lead Capture
  4. Automatically Created

They’re easy to build, and you can make lead capture forms which fully integrate with the CRM. With these, you’ll get business when the house sells, and you’ll build relationships with your referral partners. On top of that, you’ll generate leads from the potential buyers. You can share your single property websites on Social Media as well.

If you help an agent sell a house, they’ll likely become your referral partner for life. Being a loan officer requires long-term relationships with your business partners, and single property websites can help you build those.

Feature Update – Open House Flyers – 5-16-19

Expanded photo options for Open House Flyers

You can now import and arrange up to 6 photos.

New Release – Unify Mobile CRM – 4-17-19

The First True Mobile CRM for the Mortgage Industry.

Unify is pleased to announce the first complete Mobile CRM designed specifically for the mortgage industry. Developed for both Android and IOS platforms, loan originators can now leverage the full power of Unify CRM, wherever they may be.

Now, the most robust CRM in the industry fits easily in the palm of your hand. With the Unify mobile app, you can add and view contacts, manage leads, set and receive reminders, view loan details, start marketing campaigns, create flyers, record and send videos, and much, much more. Everything you need to manage customer relationships can now fit in your pocket. Don’t be held back by outdated software.

Feature Update – IPC Communications – 4-17-19

IPC Communications Additional Audiences

Now you can include up to 4 additional individuals to receive copies of IPC communications.
This is accomplished by adding the additional email addresses in your Marketing Partner’s Profile page.

This is a great way to include more of your partner’s team members in the mortgage experience and to help foster a lasting relationship.

Please also use this opportunity to ask for and enter the MLS Board that your Partner belongs to as well as their MLS Membership Number. This will allow you to create and distribute the Single Property Websites that are now available in the Open House Flyer feature.

Feature Update – Mortgage Inquiry Alerts – 12-21-19

Mortgage Inquiry Alerts Feature Enhancement

We are pleased to announce a new feature associated with our Mortgage Inquiry Alerts Program. Now, along with the “Alerts,” we provide you with additional valuable information about your “Contact” giving you with more insights about them before you call.

To view this information, just click on the “Alert Type” in your Mortgage Inquiry Alerts Dashboard.