High Intent PreQualified Prospects Drive Business Growth

Introducing Unify PreQualified Prospects Feature

High-performing mortgage professionals understand the two facets of lead generation – new leads and your current contact database. Unify is a trusted mortgage business growth platform that tackles both of these lead generation strategies out of the box. By harnessing data and automation, you can be at the forefront of the ever-evolving mortgage industry.

Unify’s new PreQualified Prospects feature uses Experian’s PowerCurve® decisioning solution. It’s a streamlined process that helps financial institutions gain flexible access to more data and advanced analytics to make more informed, real-time decisions. When a contact applies to get prequalified through Unify, a soft credit inquiry is performed, which does not impact the consumer’s credit score. This PreQualified Prospect alert is a very high-intent type of Lead that help loan originators find and convert these leads into closed loans.

With shifting mortgage industry market conditions, it’s critical for mortgage loan originators to have the most innovative tools available to counter competition and improve client retention. Unify clients can now use the trusted Experian PowerCurve decisioning capabilities to prequalify customers, reduce losses and respond better to regulatory changes.

Use PreQualified Prospects with Mortgage Inquiry Alerts

Mortgage companies also face the challenge of knowing when to follow-up with their existing contacts. Unify’s Mortgage Inquiry Alerts enable loan originators to stay competitive by automatically identifying when a contact is in the market for a mortgage. In addition, automation within the system generates opportunities for immediate engagement with potential customers. By providing four types of alerts (Inquiry, Early Pay-Off, First-Time Buyer and Likely Homebuyer), clients will discover untapped revenue opportunities already within their database.

Let’s Discuss How PreQualified Prospects Can Grow Your Business

We can set up a quick demonstration of PreQualified Prospects, Mortgage Inquiry Alerts, and all the other benefits of the Unify Business Growth Platform. Please drop us a note in the Contact Us form. We look forward to discussing how easy it is to automatically build your closed loan volume.


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