Rainmaker Loan Sales System

Unify’s Rainmaker sales system is used by top-performing loan officers to manage their hot lead flows and realtor/builder partner relationships. In order to increase your productivity, it is essential to use a structured system that accelerates your communication processes.

Innovative Lead Tracker

This Rainmaker module is the workspace where you deal with each of your active leads. Work each lead through your prospect funnel stages using lead priority, important contact information, outbound phone calls, note-taking, and task tracking.

Organizing your leads in this fashion produces a higher percentage of closed loans faster than a random lead handling process.

Unify mortgage automated workflows

Greatness Tracker

Your sphere of influence is everything and Rainmaker makes it easy to manage your phone calls to nurture your top realtor and builder partner relationships. Using your Top 40 Realtors list, Top 50 Past Clients, Top Builders, and a Custom Calling list, you can manage your outbound calling to check in with your most important partners.

Scheduled Call List

Rainmaker helps Loan Originators create a scheduled list to optimize their calling actions. Having a disciplined outbound calling routine has shown to increase LO loan volume.

Make outbound calls right from Unify using our Twilio integration. Track every interaction and activity directly in the contact record with call notes.

Unify mortgage automated workflows

Data-Driven Reporting

Rainmaker activity scorecard reports allow Loan Originators to understand their progress toward their monthly contact outreach goals. There is a Pay Log which calculates commissions to show projected earnings—an added motivational tool!

With such valuable metrics, LOs can make informed decisions on how to optimize their contact conversations which results in driving new loans.

Rainmaker in the Unify Mobile App

Rainmaker is supported in the Unify Mobile App for both iOS and Android. This means you can work on your contact relationships and loan pipeline anywhere at any time.

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