Social media is more important than ever when it comes to attracting business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fast food chain or a mortgage company – you can tap into a huge market of social media users and connect with your existing customers.

However, social media marketing isn’t like typical marketing. Your visibility is limited to your popularity. Of course, you can spend money to advertise on Twitter or Facebook, but it’s much better to gain “organic” visibility. Organic visibility is how often users are seeing your posts naturally – when they follow your profile or look it up.

The goal of social media marketing should be to get users to follow you or interact with you, NOT to sell them right then and there. You shouldn’t treat it as a place to put your ads up for free, otherwise you’ll gain no followers and your visibility will remain nonexistent.


Think of social media sites as less of a billboard and more of a social gathering. It hosts a continuous conversation that never stops. Posting ad after ad is going to make your profile seem dry and uninvolved. Consumers use social media to converse and to see interesting or helpful content, not to see ads. However, it’s fine to advertise your services once in a while.

Try to join in the overall conversation surrounding your brand. If you’re a loan officer, post some home decorating ideas. While you probably aren’t selling paintings or flowers, homebuyers and homeowners will enjoy your content. Therefore, they will be likely to remember your name when they do decide to purchase or refinance a home. Be helpful by posting some home improvement tips, too.

Another way to increase your visibility is to be personal. If you got a new pet or if you renovated your office space, post pictures! Not everything you post needs to be 100% relevant to your business. People are more likely to choose your services when they can relate to you.


Social media sites are a great (and free) way to attract business. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile to get an idea of how social media marketing works.