People are watching videos more than ever before. Whether it’s for communication, entertainment, education, or marketing, video is used for all sorts of purposes. It will only become more prevalent as time passes. Video, and especially mobile video, is essential for capturing the attention of younger homebuyers who are getting to the age where they’d like to buy a home.

To get an edge in the mortgage market, you’ll need to utilize video.

Video has become a core part of the housing market. Videos of for-sale properties are sprouting up on the internet, which garner more attention than still images. Homebuyers sometimes even take virtual tours of houses to save the trip of seeing them in person. These types of homebuyers would no doubt be impressed if a loan officer uses video in their marketing and communication.

Ask yourself: would you rather watch a quick clip about a product, or have to read about it? Most people would prefer to watch a video. It requires less effort to view and provides more information, especially about how the product works. Mortgages are no different. While they may not be physical products, they still require just as many visuals, if not more, than a product you’d find at a store.

Video may sound intimidating, but it can be real simple.

You don’t necessarily need to dazzle your clients with special effects. A simple video explaining the basics of a mortgage will set you above other loan officers who don’t use video at all.

When it comes to video length, short videos are optimal. People are busy nowadays and don’t have time to watch 10+ minute videos. Keep it short and sweet – no more than two minutes. Informational videos are especially useful, as they give the viewer a reason to watch it. Video doesn’t have need to be about business, either. A simple holiday clip or a humorous video will strengthen the relationship between you and your potential clients.

There are numerous ways you can get your videos out there: via email, or by posting it on your website or on social media channels. Regardless of how you choose to use video, make sure that your CRM gives you all the tools you need to succeed.