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Using CRM Software To Market Your Mortgage Business Effectively

If you are experiencing a growth spurt in your mortgage company, you will need mortgage marketing tools to remain afloat in the competition. A disgruntled client will just find another financing company if you fail to respond on time. Hence, we are here to guide you in picking the best mortgage CRM for your business.

What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software facilitated more efficient customer handling across industries. It allows processing large volumes of customer requests while still catering the unique needs of every business. In the post-recession era where mortgage companies have stricter regulations yet still need to get in touch with their clients, a mortgage CRM will do the job with flying colors.  But the best CRM programs include more than just tools to manage customer relations

Finding the Best CRM

Mortgage CRM systems are expected to track and update loan status of hundreds of applications in real time. These also serve as your virtual secretary in terms of organizing your schedule and an automated marketing tool in terms of sending updates to your clients. Lastly, a mortgage CRM software generates timely report needed to make sound decisions. Here are other features you should look for to make your operations smoother.

Smartphone App Companion

The smartphone age allowed people to do business by a tap. Clients now check their loan status on the road and you need to respond in real time, in as much as possible. The best mortgage CRM also helps you transact on the go.

Software Integration

Multiple setups and installations prove inefficient to operations. A CRM that can be easily integrated is advisable.

Social Media Component

Instead of hiring social media managers to monitor feedbacks about your products, a mortgage CRM software may also come with social media functions.

Web Portal

This is important in terms of interacting with potential clients and store loan application forms online. Moreover, this can be a useful data mining system since queries need to be supported with a valid email address.

Software Scalability

A mortgage CRM should be able to adjust its processing prowess given an increase in the volume of data or when your business grows.


With many mortgage CRM companies competing in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed especially for first timers. Finding the right features will lead you to the system that best suits your company. The process of finding the perfect CRM solution starts with learning more about the software and what your business needs to gain from a CRM program in order to succeed. 

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