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Single Action Workflow – Create a single action workflow to automate tasks to be taken when changes come from your LOS, Contacts and leads are uploaded, or new contacts and leads are manually entered.

Multi Action Workflows – Create a multi action workflow to automate tasks with one main trigger, multiple sub-triggers and multiple actions performed when the triggers fire.

Creating A Workflow Template – When using Unify Workflows you often need to create independent multiple workflows which share similar components, such as trigger and action. To deal with this, basic workflow templates can be created so they only need a few changes made to create a new workflow.

Text Messaging – We have made a number of enhancements to the Text Messaging Feature including Messaging Inbox, IPC alerts for Opt In clients, and more compliance control.

Mortgage Inquiry Alerts – This service alerts Loan Originators when someone in their database has a credit report pulled for a mortgage with a competitor and appears to meet the minimum qualifications for a mortgage with you. This is a great opportunity to retain business that you might not otherwise know about.

Contacts – Learn how to manage your contacts and start marketing campaigns to specific groups and categories. Discover search features within the contact database and learn how to upload a list of contacts.

Open House Flyers and Single Property Websites – How to build an Open House Flyer and publish a Single Property Website for your Realtor.

Unify Mobile CRM – With the Unify mobile app, you can add and view contacts, manage leads, set and receive reminders, view loan details, start marketing campaigns, create flyers, record and send videos, and much, much more. Everything you need to manage customer relationships can now fit in your pocket.

Start Your Day with Unify Dashboard – Learn how Unify notifies you of potential lending opportunities you may have otherwise been unaware of.

Marketing Concierge – Learn how to set up automated marketing campaigns… birthdays, holidays, spring and fall time change and even some that trigger off of your dashboard alerts.

Leads – Learn how to set up and distribute third party leads such as, or a lead capture form on a website.

Rainmaker – Rainmaker helps you organize and manage your daily business activities.

Mortgage Insights – Creating professional sales presentations is simple. Learn how to include loan scenarios as well.

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Workflows – Learn about the Unify Workflows tool. Find out how to set automated text messages, emails, and even schedule tasks for your internal team members. Also, learn how to automatically start marketing campaigns.

Text Messaging – Learn about Unify CRM’s text messaging feature, and how to set it up in User Preferences.

Marketing – This webinar covers the entirety of Marketing in the Unify CRM, excepting Marketing Concierge, which has it’s own training webinar.

Loans – Learn about Unify CRM’s Loans section, and how to manage your borrower’s loans. Also learn about the Refi too, and how to find and use it.

Third Party Lead Integration – Learn about setting up, and distributing, third party leads and the tools that are available to work your leads and move them into your pipeline.

Rainmaker – Rainmaker can help you organize your daily business activities to help you increase your bottom line.

Mortgage Insights – With Mortgage Insights, you can create professional sales presentations for a prospective borrower.

Loan Officer Dashboard – Learn how Unify notifies you of potential lending opportunities you may have otherwise been unaware of.

Open House Flyers – Learn how to build open house flyers. Enter the Zip Code and MLS number and automatically pull in the information from the listing.

Marketing Concierge – Your “set it and forget it” automated marketing feature. Learn how simple it is to put your marketing on auto pilot.

Contacts – Discover the features of the Unify Contacts database. Learn how to add single contacts, import lists of contacts, and assign Contacts to Categories and Contact Groups.

Mortgage Inquiry Alerts – Learn about Mortgage Inquiry Alerts, how the appear, who causes them to appear, and the profitability of the alerts. Also, learn how to set up automated marketing, and notifications for Mortgage Inquiry Alerts.