Unify 4 Help

Welcome to Unify 4

Unify continues to be a market leader by bringing a smoother flowing, feature packed user interface to the established reliability of Unify for Mortgage Loan Originators like you. Please review the video below to understand the relationship between your current Unify interface and the new Unify 4 interface, as well as how to navigate in the NEW Unify 4 Interface.

Unify 4 Marketing Campaigns

In this training we’ll cover opening a marketing campaign, searching and viewing campaigns as well as sending the campaign to contacts and/or leads. We’ll also cover how to verify your send marketing campaigns.

Unify 4 Rainmaker Dashboard

In this video we address how to access Rainmaker, the groups shown on the dashboard, viewing status update information, sending emails and starting phone calls as well as how to open individual groups.

Unify 4 Starting a Marketing Campaign from a Contact

In this video we cover How to Select a Contact to Start a Campaign, How to Search Campaigns in Unify 4, Selecting and Reviewing Campaigns, Selecting Leads and Contacts for Campaigns as well as Setting a Launch Date and Verifying Delivery.

Unify 4 Mortgage Inquiry Alerts

In this video we cover What are Mortgage Inquiry Alerts, what are the various types and ranks, how to follow up on an alert, trigger a marketing campaign as well as manage your subscription and set monitoring for your alerts.

Unify 4 Lead Tracker Details

Learn how to access Lead Tracker leads, the Quick-Access icons to update and edit, key data tracking and how to update it, updated search in Unify 4 as well as when and how to archive leads in Lead Tracker.

Unify 4 My Contacts

Learn how to view and personalize contacts, navigate and view data, advanced search techniques. We’ll also cover setting follow-ups and adding contacts to Rainmaker as Hot Leads.

Unify 4 Create & Edit Follow Ups

In this video we cover How to create a follow up in Unify 4, the different types, scheduling and setting reminders, modifying and existing follow up as well as how to create additional follow ups or dismiss them.

“Send the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time.”