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Keep marketing messages consistent and compliant across all media.

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Your Full Suite CRM Solution

Unify is an all-in-one system that you can use to manage every aspect of your business from prospecting to retention marketing.

“We needed solutions for Pipeline Management, Marketing Campaign Tracking, Marketing Delivery, Milestone communications, and Loan Officer Reporting and honestly, I expected to have to use multiple vendors for our solutions. Then, I met Unify. Your platform has not only provided and answer to these needs all in one place, BUT you have provided us with many other solutions we didn’t know we could have.

Your personal touch, responsiveness to needs, and the industry knowledge your team brings to the table is invaluable.  I HIGHLY recommend ANY lender needing solutions for sales support, marketing or lead management is missing out if they don’t contact UNIFY FIRST!”

Jeff Ratanapool

Chief Operating Officer, Century Mortgage

“We had researched many CRM systems and after just one demo with Unify we knew this was the system we needed to take us to the next level. It has so many great capabilities under one roof, the endless amount of marketing collateral and co-branding was one reason we made the switch. This system is not only a CRM but also a lead management system which is  great add for us. It will be easier for us track the progress of all projects. We are very excited to be embarking on this new partnership with the team at Cross Media.”

Christina DellaCamera

Marketing Director, iServe Residential Lending

“I wanted to reach out and let you know how impressed I am with the new UNIFY CRM system.  Since diving head first into the database and actually using it , I have been able to close an additional 8 refinances that I would have never called and made over $42,000 in additional commissions in the last 60 days.

Thanks for always equipping us with the latest and greatest tools to stay in front of our clients and not leave money on the table.  Your team is always eager to help and I appreciate the support you and your team provide. I am now a UNIFY junkie.”

Jarrod Fassio

Senior Loan Officer, Summit Funding

“Unify has the core system, functionality and expansions covered. The real-time data is one of the best features of the system that we utilize and the mobile application will make the loan officer’s life on the road easier- we are already using the online mobile website today. Unify integrates with the LOS, is synced with the MLS and is continuing to grow with technology, which is a must for us. We love the marketing, branding and co-branding that helps us streamline our communication in one centralized place and the compliance piece is covered, which is extremely important. Customer Service can always be reached at any time with questions or additions we want for the system.”

Patrick Gardner

Executive Vice President, Washington First Mortgage

“It’s refreshing dealing with your company.  I am new to Residential Home Funding and learning Unify. Working in Northern VA away from NJ my resources are only as good as email and phone for support.  Being in this business 30 years I understand the importance of a good CRM and marketing platform, especially today.  Unify was one of the main reasons for me bringing my team to RHF.

But more importantly is the experience and service I’ve had dealing with your point person, Amanda.  She has gone above and beyond in her roll to assist and accommodate me, making my job easier and solving my questions faster than I ever expected.  It’s so nice to experience top-notch customer service today, in a world where we throw that term around way too much and many who do underperform.  Amanda certainly exceeded my expectations these last two weeks.  She has helped me not only with immediate direction but also with residual help aides that I can use in the future with my team.

My most recent interaction was yesterday when I was searching for a pdf that I had seen in a training video and asked her to track it down.  Not only did she do that but with the assistance of your trainer Jenny I received the pdf I was looking for customized to me!!  Amazing.

All too often as managers we all get complaining emails, I just had to write a positive one in recognition of your team.

So Applause Applause to Amanda for her performance and to Jenny for accommodating my request.  I’m looking forward to working with you all.  Have a great week!”

Paul Johnson

Regional Manager, Residential Home Funding

Million Marketing Emails Sent by Unify to Date

Thousand Open House Flyers Created with Unify

Thousand Direct Mail Pieces Through Unify To Date

Million In Process Communication Launched

All These Features In One CRM

Unify is a comprehensive mortgage CRM software that allows professionals in the mortgage industry to increase efficiency, integrate multiple systems into one easy-to-use platform, and capitalize on sales opportunities like never before. With an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of this industry, we’ve incorporated a host of features to simplify the lives of key players within your business. Increase profitability while eliminating unnecessary data entry with Unify CRM.

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