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Starting A Drip Campaign – In this video we demonstrate how to launch an email drip campaign to one or more leads or contacts..
3rd Party Leads Quick Send Video – How to send a video email to a new client in 3rd party leads.

Add a Lead Program – Adding a lead program in Unify.

Add a Lead Source – Adding a lead source in Unify.

Modifying an Email Campaign – How to modify and email campaign and submit it for approval.

Set Up Text Messages – This video will show you how to set up text messaging for a user in Unify and how to send and email campaign to invite users to receive text messages.

Create an Email Campaign – This video will walk you through creating an email campaign in Unify.

Listing Alerts and Move Updates – Where to locate Listing Alerts and Move Updates in your Unify Dashboard and how to initiate marketing for these alerts.

De-Duplicate – Learn how to use the De-Duplicate function to remove duplicated contact records and merge the information from two or more contact records into one.

Searches and Contact Groups – This video will guide you how to search contacts and make the best use of contact groups for marketing campaigns. Both for scheduled campaigns through marketing concierge and on-the-fly marketing campaign launches.

Marketing Concierge – A quick video showing how you can set your Unify Marketing Concierge to automate marketing.

Open House Flyers – This video give you a quick example of the Open House Flyer feature inside Unify CRM. 

Recording and Uploading Videos – A short demonstration of the video feature in Unify CRM.

Status Updates – A brief and informative walk through of the status updates you encounter in Unify CRM.

Mortgage Insights – A concise tutorial showing how to create a Mortgage Insights presentation.

Mortgage Insights Brochure – A concise tutorial showing how to create a Mortgage Insights brochure.