Unify was founded in 2008 with the goal of introducing a software platform that enables residential mortgage companies to streamline loan process communications, find and convert prospects, and retain loyal clients and partners.  

Our mission to produce client success stories is realized in our results. Each day clients use the power of Unify’s product solutions to grow their loan volume, while improving net operating income and recognizing new efficiencies. We are continuously innovating to improve our software through client feedback and industry research.

In 2020, Unify joined Propertybase, who serve over 4,500 real estate organizations and over 200,000 agents. Propertybase and Unify share a collective vision to accelerate the use of intelligent technology across all stages of the real estate and mortgage client journey for proven results. 

In 2021, Unify and Propertybase joined Lone Wolf Technologies, the industry leader in real estate technology.

Together, we’re on a mission to streamline real estate for all!