Stay connected to client, sales, and lending information in real-time. 

Enhance your loan origination process with the advanced capabilities of Unify Mortgage CRM. Our platform is expertly engineered to synchronize your loan data seamlessly with the mortgage CRM system, facilitating a streamlined and highly efficient end-to-end loan processing experience.

By utilizing Unify Mortgage CRM, you can handle every aspect of the loan journey with increased precision and efficiency, from the initial application to the final closing. This integration not only simplifies your workflow but also ensures that you're leveraging the full potential of your loan origination software, thereby elevating your overall operational effectiveness in the mortgage domain.

  • Real-time LOS integration
  • Over 200 unique data fields 
  • Data mining for third-party sources and alerts

Unify CRM has dozens of immediate integrations available into the most popular LOS and POS systems.

Unify's integration between Loan Origination Systems (LOS) and Point of Sale (POS) platforms enhances the mortgage lending process by ensuring seamless data and document exchange with our CRM. Learn more about our integrations below.
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Eliminate Double Data Entry, Improve Your Teams’ Loan Process, And Provide Better Customer Service


Push contact data from your mortgage CRM to your LOS to create a new loan, eliminating double data entry.

Your LOS sends data back to your mortgage CRM immediately to create or update the transaction record – with a loan number.

Automate your marketing updates to the borrower, appraiser, escrow agent, title agent, buying agent, and listing agent to keep all parties in the loop.

Easily generate charts and reports using the most current information on file.

All active loan transactions are visible within your Unify Mortgage CRM.

Secure access anywhere with Unify's mobile app.

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